Monday, October 15, 2012

Mare Island Photo Walk

This past Saturday, Oct 13, was the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk.  I've been wanting to go on a photo walk for quite some time, so was very excited to get the opportunity.

I joined a photowalk in Vallejo, CA at Mare Island.  (

Going into the walk I was well aware of my lack of experience and overall knowledge of photography.  My hardware pales in comparison to everyone else there.  I have a lot of the know-how, but because I haven't been practicing it long, it's not right on the top of my head.  My vision is the one thing I know I really need to work on.  I do OK, see some of the same cool photos other photographers see, but something gets lost in translation between my mind's eye and the camera's lens.  And that's where practice comes in.  And lastly, my post-processing skills still need to be developed. Trying to learn how to get the software to do what I see in my head - and honestly that would be a lot easier if I were capturing what I see in my head better.

At any rate - here is my first real venture into the world of Photo Walks and architecture-type photography.
















The rest of the photos can be found here: