Friday, September 13, 2013


I've created a portfolio.  After watching Scott Kelby and Matt Klakowski on The Grid  I decided to go ahead and really put some time and effort into my portfolio.  To really narrow down what is in it and such.  Even though I'm not really trying to be a professional (although I wouldn't mind some money on the side), a portfolio is a great way to really gauge your skills and improvement.  By putting only my best 25 images or so in there and updating it when I get better shots, I'm able to say, "Hey!  I've updated most of my images recently."  or "Oooh ... I haven't shot anythign better than these and these are 5 years old."

A portfolio is different than my flickr page.  Flickr is for photo sharing.  Where all my acceptable shots get placed for other people to see what we're doing, etc.  To hold all the photos from a given event.  But a portfolio is only my BEST shots.

So ... without further ad ...

Christine Roosa Photography