Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vacation Photos - 8

More photos at the winery.  I had some fun with my beautiful family.

A little underexposed on the faces; but considering it was a self-portrait ... not bad

Perhaps still a little undersexposed on the faces.  Maybe the sun was in the wrong spot.  I love the love between the girls though.


My baby girl in the California Poppies.  She thought they were great.  She was super cute playing with them.

Monday, September 26, 2011

i heart faces - best face summer 2011

My beautiful baby girl sitting in a field of poppies at our favorite picnic spot on the coast - Pacific Star Winery.  This was the last day of our family vacation this summer and we were soaking in the sunshine and beauty.


For more summer faces, head on over to

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vacation Photos - 7

More vacation photos.

This bunch is from our favorite winery.  I love the view from here.  It's so pretty.  Awesome waves crashing on the cliffs.  The whole area is so photogenic.  From sheep that wander around to wine barrels, it's just a fantastic place to take pictures.  It's even better in the winter when it's stormy and the waves are crashing high up on the cliff.

Wish I thought to turn the glass around for this, so you could see the winery name.

You can totally see the reflection of people in the glass.  :)


California Poppy

Was totally captured by this rusty spade without a handle.  I like old, rustic, rusty tools.

Vacation Photos - 6

Yep.  I still have vacation photos to post.  I told you I took a lot.  And in an attempt to not overload my blog, I just wanted to post a few at a time.  I think it keeps you, the reader, more interested in each individual blog post.

Also makes me look like I'm taking pictures even when it's been a slow week for me photographically speaking (which usually means super busy in all other ways).  As an aside, I am going to take some fun photos of the Worship Band, Not Just Sunday, this Saturday at their Worship Benefit Concert.

Now ... back to vacation photos.

We went back to the beach to take another stab at sandcastles.  But this time we went to a beach with good sand.  I intentionally didn't take my good camera; I've lost one camera to the sand, not gonna do it again.  So I had my P&S with me and was relegated to the settings it thought was best.

Cannon that Aunt Sarah built for the sand castle

Landscape photo, trying for a "beginning, middle and end" of the photo.

Another landscape story telling photo.  I love the bridge column and the beach almost meeting.

More story-telling.  I feel like this short little "cliff" had so much to say.

My SIL and Josh spent all week playing chess on the homemade chess board.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Some random photos I took this weekend.  OK ... not really random per se, as they were of our weekend project, but random in that they don't really have a theme or fit a photo technique category or anything.



Is it level?


Cousins: Alex (16) and Annie (9 months)