Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wide Angle Lens

I have two lenses for my DSLR.  I have the kit 18-55mm lens, and a cheapish 70-300 telephoto lens.  Neither one is super fancy.  It's really alright since I'm not out to make a living with my photography, just take some fun and pretty pictures and get better.  But every time I come up to the coast I wish I had a wider angle lens.  The kit lens is pretty good for my basic needs, but photographing the ocean and the redwoods really calls for something better.  So I rented a moderate (ok ... one of the cheapest) wide angle lenses for my vacation on the coast.  I don't know how I discovered borrowlenses.com, but I love them.  In addition to the great tips and photos on their blog, they have a great selection of lenses.  This really isn't a review of them or their service, just a quick unsolicited plug.

I rented a Sigma 10-20mm.

I'm not too experienced with wide angle lenses or landscape photography.  But the best way to learn is just to go do.  So I'm doing.






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