Sunday, October 7, 2012

Inspired by 10-Challenges

I'm doing the 10-challenges from Her View Photography.  One of the challenges is to tell a story and make a photo book.  Well, I'm not up to that task yet, but I did think that maybe I would try to be more story-telling with my photos.  Here's the story of Audrey brushing her teeth.







Darlene said...

Hi Christine

I tried to comment on your other post about the 10 Challenges and it linked to some really old profile of mine on Blogger. Do you know how to sign in with another profile?


TripMomma said...

I love the make a photo book idea. I print my blog out in 4-6 mo incriments at Blurb. I have 9 books so far and just love having them, one day it is going to be so fun to read through all the funny stories and see all the pictures again.