Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I was asked to take some photos for a going away gift for our church choir director.  She is also an organist and is in love with our church organ.  So I took some photos of the organ.  So as not to have a boring photo straight on of a dark organ, I had to be arsty and make it a collage.  Here is the end result.

Organ collage

We printed it at 11x14 (or whatever size is one bigger than 8x10) and put a cream/brown matte on it.  Then all the members of the choir signed the matte.   It was quite lovely.

As a secondary gift and kind of a joke about our church building, I did a photo of the building.  I created an overlay collage, again to make it interesting.  I did a multiple exposure of the church name on the front door over a photo of the building.

We printed it 5x7 and framed it without a matte.  Just something small so she doesn't forget the circus tent church building.

worship center overlay

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