Thursday, December 27, 2012

2013 Goals

Self-portrait in the bell of a trombone

I don't know that I'd classify myself as a goal-oriented person.  But I recognize the value in setting goals.  I do need something to work toward in order to improve.  I like goals as a way of gauging my progress.  At work I have to write up To Do Lists a few times a week just to keep track of everything I have on my plate.

My mom sent me an article recently on the dangers of excessive goal setting.  I'm choosing to ignore the article and set goals anyway.

I think this will be the first time I've set a specific photography related goal.

After reading "Her View Photography's" free ebook, 10 Challenges, I am going to set a couple goals for myself related to the book.

1) Project 52 - one photo a week on a specific subject.  I'm choosing food.  It's the most consistent and interesting thing I can commit to for an entire year.  I'd like most of these to be with my SLR, but I will be content to use my p&s or even my phone in a pinch.

2) Storytelling, make a book - Being the unofficial-official church ministry photographer, I was thinking making a photobook that tells the story of the church would be fun.  And hard.  I still haven't figured out what story I want to tell.  But I know it will take several months to compile the right images to tell the story.  (And now that I have LR 4, which has a book module included, this should be even easier to accomplish)

3) Street photography - I'm intimidated by this one.  I admit it.  Which is why it's on my list.  I live near a great city for this goal.  I thought I'd start by visiting the local Farmer's Market.  Get a taste of street photography nearby.  Then when I feee comfortable enough with it, go to the city and do it for real.  Visit the tourist stops (so easy to blend in there with a camera) and then maybe venture off to the more local locales.  This could be another great book(s).  The various neighborhoods and spots.

That's it.  3 goals.  But they're daunting.  I need a plan still to accomplish said goals.  But I'll figure it out.  I also need to do a little more research for 2 & 3.  To really look at some storytelling photos and street photographs.  To get an idea of how to compose and how I want to do these.

I need to remember that I'm doing this for me.  My photography is for me.  I'm not selling it (although I've not eliminated it as a possibility).  I'm not trying to impress anyone.  I just like making art.

What if I don't succeed?
  • If I skip a week or two here and there on my Project 52, I'm OK with that.  I just want to keep going.  The idea is to challenge and stretch myself.  To not get bored and keep it interesting.
  • I'd like to get a good start on the Storytelling photos.  To really be in there taking photos and telling the story.  Even if I don't get it assembled, I want the photos there.  I may give myself 2 years to do this one fully, just because of the grand nature of this project.  And because it's my first one and I don't have lots of spare time.
  • Only laziness and fear will prevent me from accomplishing some street photography. This is one that can be crossed off in one day.  Just going out to do it.  So I just need to schedule a Saturday morning to go and then ... go!

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