Sunday, January 15, 2012

Random Photo Walk Through Town

I've been reading through a book about editing photos with a purpose and was inspired to go take photos to later edit.  (Vision and Voice.....)

So I grabbed the camera and walked through downtown Pleasanton.  I was struggling being inspired.  A couple things caught my attention, but didn't see in real life what I saw in my head.  Nothing was really stellar.  I saw a little dirt path that followed a local creek.  I followed the path and saw some interesting things (let's just say it's not a place I'd visit after dark).  I took probably 30-40 photos.  Still don't think there was anything spectacular.  I've had better inspiration and taken better photos.  But I had something to work with at least.

There are a few that were pretty good.  I played with them a lot in Lightroom (I'm still learning how to use the program and how to edit and find my voice in my photos).  I took what was a dreary day with dirt and dormant plant (they're not dead ... just dormant) and made it look a little cheerier greener.

I liked the still water followed by the flowing water. 

I loved the reflection of the ivy here.  That's 100% real ... I just enhanced the green leaves.


The path to anywhere .... it disappears into the trees and you don't know where it goes until you follow it..


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