Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PG's Photography Challenge - Bokeh

This week's themes are Bokeh and Black and White. I didn't know what bokeh was until this challenge. I'd attempted it before, but didn't know it had a name.

These were the best shots I could get with my P&S. I think I'm going to put some film in my film SLR and try it again with some plants.

One thing my camera kept doing, even on "macro" mode, was focusing on the larger items in the backround instead of the smaller thing in the foreground. That's when I built the structure for my focal point. It still wasn't 100% successful, but I think I could get it better with some more distance between them and better lighting.

I must say, however, that I am pleased with these photos. I learned something and have a new skill to master.

One thing I really like about the first photo is the reflection of the blocks off the hardwood. I think it adds depth.

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